How the Challenge Works


  • School notifies NASPAA of intent to participate (completes form, provides logo, and number of student eligible to vote)
  • School joins NSLVE (National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement) (If school wishes to be considered for Voter Turnout Awards)
  • School uses NASPAA’s email template to notify students of their participation in the challenge and directing them to NASPAA’s Pledge and Resources.
  • Students go to NASPAA’s Voting Resources page to get information on how to register to vote.
  • Students go to the NASPAA Pledge Page, and Pledge their Intention to register/ vote
  • NASPAA will determine registration challenge winners by the pledges collected via this website.  Their will be separate awards for schools participating in NSLVE for voter turnout.
  • Pledge winners will be notified at NASPAA October 2018  Annual Conference.  At the NASPAA 2019 Annual Conference Additional winners will be announced using voter turnout data from NSLVE.